198 millions

The value of all transactions in PLN in the Real Estate market from 2011 to 2016


Even though in the years of economic crisis
the French government put 600 castles up for sale every year,
the royal Château de Chambord (seen above) cannot be bought.

It is not its unavailability, however, but a feature that such properties have in common, which appeals to us the most – it is the intransigence with which they defy the canonical rule of the real estate market that states that there are 3 aspects determining the price: location, location …
These properties are not determined by their location – on the contrary, they are the ones that determine it. They are the metaphor of independence and strength. They illustrate the values we find most precious in our work and the perspective in which we view our clients.


We are for Real Estate
what Private Banking is for finance.

We offer our demanding customers a comprehensive range of services
specially prepared to satisfy their needs and ambitions in the real estate market.

Personalization – tailored services.

Achieving customer satisfaction is only possible if we listen carefully to our customers’ needs and recognize their aims. On the basis of this information, we determine the possible structure of each customer’s wallet individually. We assess their risk tolerance and determine if a customer is looking for a safe capital investment or if they are ready for aggressive investment.

Safety – the foundation of an investment.

Property investments involving great amounts of money can generate a significant rate of return even at a relatively low rate of growth. As such they are the foundation of almost every responsible investment strategy. Thanks to our long-standing experience, specialization and acquired skills we are able to provide services of the highest quality.




An apartment in Monaco…



… a tenement in London, an apartment in New York, a house in Tuscany.
It is a byword for big money. And we are here to help with such investments.

Or maybe our customer has a few flats in Gdańsk
and would like someone to look after their properties for them.
We also offer a comprehensive property management service (tenancy agreements, collection of rent, etc).



We offer our competence only,
it is the customer who decides
what services they require.

Types of property

We deal with a diverse range of investments both in terms of location and property types. We will help you buy a house abroad or rent offices in Wrocław.

Types of services

We provide all services connected with real estate. We take care of green spaces, we offer factoring services to obtain payments for warehouses you let.



We offer consultation over your planned purchases.


We look for customers when you have warehouses to sell or let.


We provide rental services of property packages.


We provide up-to-date information on bargains in the real estate market.


We offer consultation and negotiation with foreign purchases.

Plots of lands

We offer information on the most attractive offers.

Finishing works

We supervise finishing works of the Premium standard.


We supervise and control payments of contracts.


We provide access to exclusive offers.


We provide offers of property packages for sale.


We verify documentation of the offers submitted by our customers.


We negotiate deals on behalf of our customers.

Connections are priceless in the business.



People are the core of our work.
Contacts, phone numbers, meetings, connections. Trust.
Please forgive the banality of the expression : but they are worth their weight in gold.

Value of information

It is thanks to direct contact with people that we can recognize their needs and expectations. Thanks to our devotion to the values we believe in, we gain our customers’ trust. Thanks to our customers, we understand how important it is for us to be discreet to enjoy the trust they place in us. Thanks to our customers, we gain access to invaluable information which we treat with respect. Therefore, we can effectively and safely represent our customers’ interests and enable them to exchange factual information.

100 richest people

8 years of hard work for the Premium customers has taught us how to provide services of the highest national and international standards. Our experience makes it possible for us to cater to all our customers. Not only do we take great care of their investments but we also protect their good name. Our respectful attitude towards customers has helped us win the trust of almost 50% of the richest Poles.


If time is money, then information is the currency.

Information gives value to facts.
Only thanks to a great number of contacts one gains access to its source and can easily find a recipient for it.






“Nowadays people know the price of everything
and the value of nothing”

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Our main aim is to gain our customers’ trust.

Trust that goes beyond customers’ expectations of big and secure profits,
but trust that binds us together in our shared values.
And only within the framework of the values
and thanks to them, we can achieve success.


We look forward to hearing from you.



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We are at your disposal

I can meet you for breakfast in town, come to meet you at any given address, reply to every message and phone call as soon as possible. I also invite you to visit our office.


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